HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2020 has officially started. And I want to give a stronger voice to my articles by not only focusing on art history academically. So, here is my first 2020 article: 3 female artists to watch in 2020.


Artist and influencer

Inès Longevial represents a XXI century success story.

If I say “influencer”, I bet the first image that comes to your mind is a fashion blogger. Instagram has allowed the development of careers in a brand new way and has become an inevitable communication platform. As a visual platform, it has also a become an incredible way for artists to share their works. And this is a major part of Inès Longevial’s success story.

Inès was born in the South West of France. Because her mother was an artist, she grew up with a brush in her hands. Her native land and its colours are omnipresent in her work. Indeed, Inès’ palette contains mostly warm colours such as pink, brown or reds – almost “earthy” colours.

Inès Longevial

Her career started when she was 23. She moved to Paris and started creating posters for L’Isolé, a bar in Pigalle. As a result, she gained visibility and started receiving orders and demands for collaborations.

Camille Claudel, Frida Khalo: the influence of other female artists

The truth is, I ran across Inès’ works on Instagram.

Her youthful and fresh eye is a powerful eye-catcher.

Her influences certainly include major female artists like Frida Kahlo or Camille Claudel. They also include artists such as Picasso, Rodin and the Fauvists.

The influence of Frida Kahlo is probably the most important one. Indeed, not only is the size of Inès’ work comparable to that of Kahlo’s. Inès paints many self-portraits, an exercice that Frida also consequently practiced.


Art to make you happy

Whether you feel happy, upset or sad, Madeleine Gross is the artist you need to lighten up your day.

This Toronto based photographer uses pictures of her travels or family as a base. She paints over the photographs.

Neon Hotel, (Miami 2017)

The thick layers of paint she applies on the photos give them a dream-like aspect and a movement that embellishes the scenes.

Paris Run #2

Painting the dream

When I stumbled upon Madeleine’s work – once again on Instagram – I was struck by the life present in her work. Her paint gives motion to the pictures. I think it is also very important to see such images on Instagram. The platform is now mostly run by influencers and fake beauty, and having artists such as Madeleine post their work opens eyes on an entire different aspect of the platform.

Her photographs have a cinematic aspect that transports you beyond painting. Paris Run #2 could make you think of Allen’s Midnight in Paris. All in all, Madeleine Gross makes you travel around a dreamlike world.


My love story with Maud Chalard’s work goes as far back as I can remember. Her bohemian and feminist world has always had a special place in my heart.

Maud Chalard
Maud Chalard by Theo Gosselin

A boho-feminist universe

I came accross her work on Facebook, I believe Instagram did not even exist back then. I was immediatly carried into her world. Not only did her numerous travels inspire me, her photographic universe was one I looked up to. Her photographs have always been a major source of creative inspiration to me.

At the beginning of her career, she shared mostly pictures of her trips in the US and of her lover, Theo Gosselin. She worked mostly on film.

As her popularity grew, she started working as a fashion photographer. Something that she still does now and for which she started working more and more on digital cameras.

An ode to women and love

Maud Chalard captures the female body with a poetic and unique sensibility.

Another major aspect of her work is dedicated to love. She photographs couples in their intimacy, their vulnerability. The renderings are intense and delicate. Not only does she capture physical moments, I believe Maud Chalard also manages to capture their feelings. Her photographs capture the intentions of one towards the other. That makes the pictures even stronger and powerful.

The dialog present in hers and her lover’s work, Theo Gosselin, also gives it a lot of charm. They have co-published a book on their roadtrip accross the USA: Joe’s Book. You can see some of the pictures on Maud’s website.

All in all…

I have chosen to write about these three artists because they are highly inspiring women as well as artists. Moreover, I think they are three artists to watch out for in 2020!

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